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The properties of plastic

The properties of plastic


Thermoplastic polymers Thermosetting polymers
 (1) These soften and melt on heating.  These do not soften on heating but rather   become hard in case prolonged heating is   done these start burning.
 (2) These can be remoulded recast and              reshaped.  These can not be remoulded or reshaped.
 (3) These are less brittle and soluble in              some organic solvents.  These are more brittle and insoluble in  organic solvents.
 (4) These are formed by addition                        polymerisation.  These are formed by condensation  polymerisation.
 (5) These have usually linear                              structures.Ex. Polyethylene, PVC,                teflon.  These have three dimensional cross      linked  structures. Ex. Bakelite, urea,  formaldehyde, resin.


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