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Insert Molding Tech in Ming-Li company

Insert Molding Tech in Ming-Li company

Mold InsertLeading of insert molding ... In the field of manufacturing plastic insert molding we have always delivered high precision molds.

Ming-Li is leading of insert molding technology in the industry. A preformed plastic or metal insert is incorporated into the component during the moulding stage or as a post moulding stage to improve the strength of the moulding or to add features to aid its functionality.

When inserts are used during the moulding stage standard moulding machines can make it difficult for operators to put inserts into their correct place in the tool. For this process vertical press machines and vertical machines with a rotary table are most effective.

The Benefits of Insert Moulding

  • Reduced post moulding operations
  • Increased part consistency
  • Ease of assembly
  • Increase part functionality
  • Reduced production time


  • Downstream Cost Reduction – the need for secondary post moulding operations can be greatly reduced by creating more complex components
  • Assembly made easy – high precision metal components can be incorporated into the moldings to allow components to be screwed or clipped together
  • Component consistency – operator error is eliminated achieving high levels of consistency and precision
  • Component complexity – a simple moulding tool can achieve a complex component by using a well machined metal insert
  • Reduced Component size and weight – by combining the physical strength of the polymer and the metal insert, the insert moulding produces a smaller and lighter component
  • Component cost reduction – as a simple tool can be used with the insert, this can lead to a component being lower cost to manufacture
  • Increased design flexibility – designers can appreciate the virtually unlimited configurations that the insert plastic injection moulding process allows.


Typical insert moulded components

Many industries can benefit from incorporating insert molding into their component design.  The Insert Moulding Company cover a wide industry base including military, automotive, electronics, electrical, medical, life sciences, banking equipment, aerospace, marine, furniture, building components.

The types of insert moulding manufactured include:

  • Electrical and electronic pins
  • Electrical and electronic contacts and connectors
  • Switches
  • Mechanical assemblies
  • Life science sensors
  • Fasteners
  • Gears

To know more Ming-Li insert molding part, see our Insert Molding parts.



To see insert molding process in Ming-Li please link with following YouTube video:

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