RocTool advanced Heat & Cool technology


RocTool advanced Heat & Cool technology

Since 2012 we have cooperated with RocTool to manfacture molds. RocTool owns the most advanced Heat & Cool technologies for Composite and Plastic Injection molding, by using electromagnetic induction to heat a mould in seconds.

Development of innovative molding processes for plastic and composite industries, especially heating and cooling technologies by electromagnetic induction and/or conduction, using the company’s exclusive, trademarked Cage System and 3iTech technologies. Offers licensing of its patents and know-how worldwide. RocTool technology is available to licensing the technology from MFG. Ming-Li can sell the mold only with licensing customers.

Roctool advantages for Plastic Injection Molds

Optimal surface quality: glossy or mat, no visible weld lines

Thickness reduction is possible

Mechanical properties increased

Pressure reduction

High temperature molding is possible

Very fast heating of the mold

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