PEEK injection Ming-Li application

Poly(Ether Ether Ketone)


The Application Of our PEEK Injection Molding parts

Due to PEEK material has excellent comprehensive properties, it can replace traditional materials such as metals and ceramics in many special fields, making it one of the most popular high-performance plastic injection mold material today. It is currently mainly used in aerospace, automotive industry, electrical and electronic and medical machinery and other fields.



Automotive Industry

The growth of PEEK injection resin in the European market is especially the fastest growing in the automotive parts market. Especially the parts around the engine, variable speed transmission parts, steering parts, etc. have used PEEK injection molding parts instead of some traditional high-priced metals as the manufacturing material. As the automotive industry adapts to the requirements of miniaturization, light weight and cost reduction, the demand for PEEK injection molding parts will continue to grow. 



peek injection

Aerospace Industry

Even though aluminium is the material of choice for the aerospace industry, PEEK injection molding parts can still find application in some aircraft since it is lighter than aluminium. The only drawback is that PEEK injection molding parts is quite expensive to manufacture, yet it has even better recyclability than aluminium. Our high-performance PEEK injection molding parts solutions offer an exceptional combination of benefits to help aerospace OEMs, designers and processors reach new levels of cost savings, quality, and performance. Ming-Li solutions help lower weight, improve buy-to-fly ratios, and provide design freedom to optimise the design and consolidate parts.




peek insert molding                   

Oil & Gas Industry

PEEK polymer-based solutions can optimize production efficiency in hot, corrosive environments. Electrical connectors - greater reliability and performance. PEEK materials are increasingly being selected by connector OEMs to improve application performance, achieve more design freedom, and reduce downtime and system costs.

Higher insulation resistance than glass  / Insulation integrity to negate electrical leakage / Great impact resistance for longer service life



Defense Industry

The PEEK material is widely using in defens industry. There are many PEEK injection molding parts in the defens industry. For example: PEEK molding connector parts, etc. 


peek pump gear

Pump Industry

The PEEK material is widely using in pump industry. There are many PEEK material part in the pump. For example: PEEK bushing, PEEK gear, etc. 




Semiconductor equipment 

PEEK material helps shape the future performance of semiconductor technologies by offering increased productivity, reliability and reduced risks by lower particle generation and outgassing. High wear resistance allows CMP retainer rings made from PEEK to run up to two times longer than PPS before replacing, leading to less downtime and more throughput. The properties of PEEK polymers including wear and chemical resistance, dimensional stability, ESD, and low outgassing can help prevent particle contamination and achieve more reliable wafer handling, storage, and transfer.


Office Machinery Parts

For the separation claws of copiers, special heat-resistant bearings, chains, gears, etc., when PEEK resin is used instead of metal as their material, the components can be lightweight, fatigue-resistant, and can be lubricated without oil.


peek bearings

Bearings Applications 

Reliable insulation of bearings is key to ensure efficient performance over the component lifetime. Using PEEK material to overmould bearings helps address reliable electrical insulation of large or small bearings and potentially reduces component cost.


Medial peek  molding

Medial Applications 

In the field of medical analysis equipment, PEEK can withstand repeated autoclaving, and it can be used to manufacture endoscope parts and dental cleaners in medical equipment. In addition, due to the high strength and low dissolution of PEEK, it has been used in liquid chromatography columns, tubes, and accessories for instrument analysis. Moreover, because PEEK has good compatibility with the human body, it has successfully replaced traditional titanium as an artificial bone material.


peek connector

Electrical Applications

PEEK is an excellent electrical insulator and retains its mechanical properties at high temperatures. It can thus find application in electrical instruments that operate at high temperatures, such as soldering machines.


PEEK™ Specify

  • High temperature performance
  • Mechanicals / Fatigue
  • FDA approved
  • Acoustic properties
  • Radiation resistance
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Hydrolysis resistance
  • Good flame performance
  • Electrical properties
  • Barrier properties – moisture & gas
  • Low toxicity of smoke
  • Wear and friction
  • Chemical resistance
  • RoHS compliant, halogen free
  • Versatile secondary process capability
  • Light weight


peek injection molding

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