PEEK molding / PEEK injection

A perfect PEEK molding & PEEK injection (PEEK bushing / PEEK gear), we assures its customers to provide a perfect molds for the perfect PEEK material parts which include PEEK bushing, PEEK gear, PEEK ring, etc.
PEEK molding | PEEK injection

Application: for Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Pump and Oil & Gas industry

MING-LI provides our customers with competitive PEEK injection molding solutions in high performance plastics. We offer unique expertise in the injection molding of PEEK, PPA, PPS, PEI and other high performance resins.

We have invested significant resources to develop industry leading expertise in PEEK molding / PEEK injection part and other advanced material applications.

With our world class in-house engineering, design, tooling and processing capabilities, MING-LI can work with you from the PEEK material mold design concept stage to high volume PEEK injecetion parts mass production. By incorporating PEEK tooling and PEEK injection parts manufacturing improvements throughout the development cycle, MING-LI can help you optimize your PEEK material component for production, bringing real value to your organization.

Ming-Li offers PEEK injection molding of all Victrex PEEK, RTP PEEK, Luvocom PEEK and others PEEK material grades. Our in-house peek injecction molding operation uses all electric machines with appropriately sized barrels minimizing time at temperature during PEEK molding to maximize the properties and consistency of every part we molded. Our range of machine sizes between 15 to 320 tons means we can mold PEEK molding parts ranging in size from 0.1 g. to 600 g.

We design our process to meet your needs. Our PEEK injection-compression molding machines combined with our experience processing PEEK injection enables us to do what others cannot: precision tolerances, zero draft, fiber orientation, insert molding and heavy cross sections. All machines are RJG equipped allowing us to monitor in-cavity conditions and develop the most reliable PEEK molding process for a given part. We apply scientific molding principles when molding PEEK injection parts.

We are recognized as a leading molder of high temperature PEEK injection and PEK based polymers.

Our PEEK Molding Services

Injection Molding  /  Medical Molding  /  Overmolding  /  Insert Molding  /  Micro Molding  /  Ultrasonic Bonding       

peek insert molding   

Considerations for PEEK Injection Molding

Though it is a very popular engineered plastic for injection moulding, PEEK resin can also be difficult to work with and might not suitable for all applications. The first consideration is that PEEK material must be heated to very high temperatures at or above the highest range of most injection molding machines. This requires special equipment that might not be utilized by all injection molding facilities.
Since PEEK plastic is also sensitive to anisotropic shrinking during the cooling process the right amount of pressure needs to be applied to the mold to maintain product integrity. A final consideration is that while PEEK material properties make it CNC machinable, precautions must be taken to prevent stress damage when machining filled PEEK plastics. 
Fortunately, Ming--Li has the skills, experience, and advanced machinery needed to effectively work with PEEK plastic in all our plastic injection molding processes. We provide unparalleled expertise in injection moulding PEEK resin for medical devices and other applications.
  • All runs start with a clean barrel and end with a complete teardown
  • Dedicated membrane dryers and moisture recorded before every run is started
  • All tools are oil heated for uniformity
  • PEEK Near Net Shapes offer a balance between the cost effective conversion of injection molding and the precision of CNC machining.

Near Net Shapes – What are their benefits?
Near net shapes are great for geometries that result in a poor machining yield from a stock shape or those requiring complex tools that are not cost justified by the volume of parts.


Injection Molding with PEEK Resin application

Ming-Li works with a wide variety of materials in our injection molding processes. The high strength-to-weight ratio and heat tolerance of PEEK plastic makes it a popular choice for a wide range of applications including aerospace, biomedical, pharmaceutical, fiber optics, automotive, industrial, and more. In addition to standard injection molding, PEEK resin is also used in overmolding applications to fabricate reinforced components for aerospace and automotive.

Application of PEEK Components:                                     metal insert molding

  • Tubing
  • Profiles
  • Bearings
  • Seals
  • Valves
  • Electrical cable insulatioon
  • Medical implants
  • And more

PEEK material Properties

PEEK plastic exhibits superb mechanical properties and is highly resistant to chemicals and thermal degradation, making it a highly desirable material for plastic injection molded products. PEEK resin holds up well against high temperatures and long-term liquid submersion and is very durable in harsh environments. PEEK plastic makes an excellent reinforcement material, providing great tensile strength with low weight.

Features and benefits of PEEK material properties include:

  • High chemical resistance, even at elevated temperatures
  • High hardness, stiffness & strength
  • Excellent fatigue & stress-crack resistance
  • Excellent resistance to high pressure water & steam without significant degradation
  • Can be sterilized via autoclave
  • Easy to machine & fabricate
  • UL 94 V-0 flammability rating
  • Very low smoke/toxic gas emission when exposed to flame
  • Suitable for continuous use in application temperatures up to 338°F/170°C
  • Unfilled PEEK is FDA-approved for food contact



PEEK Material using in Ming-Li

  • Victrex PEEK HT G22
  • Victrex PEEK 450G
  • Victrex PEEK 150CA30
  • Victrex PEEK 450CA30
  • Victrex PEEK WG102
  • Victrex PEEK 450FC30
  • Victrex PEEK 150FC30
  • Victrex PEEK 450FE20
  • Victrex PEEK 450GL30
  • Victrex PEEK ST 45GL30
PEEK Turbine Fan
Having trouble molding or sourcing a molded PEEK injection part?

Let us apply our process know-how to arrive at the most cost effective process to manufacture your PEEK molding parts. We will work with your existing tooling or develop new tooling.

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