Mold Flow Analysis


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Why Perform Mold Flow Analysis on existing parts or parts where you know where to gate Insert molding Over molding Stamping molding 2K molding Bi-injection‧

First of all, many people think that if you know where to gate the part, you do not need to perform the mold flow analysis. That is a misconception and may not really help you that much in reducing costs and timing as well as may not prevent other problems. Yes you will be able to fill the parts and get the parts but will the parts be the best in very first tryout? That is a question that can be answered by performing the flow analysis.

Many times you many know the overall gate region on the part but you may not be able to locate the exact gate location to have a completely balanced fill all around the part and cavities. Such slight imbalance of 2-10% can be enough to create enough molding problems that sometime can not be seen in processing but are hidden in longer cycle time, cooling, packing issues, scrap rates, surface quality, gate or flow lines, surface finish, processing window, clamp tonnage. In today’s competitive market, this may be enough to wipe out your margins and profits. When you perform analysis from a expert source like Ideal Tech, Inc. then you not only will be able to avoid such issues but also improve your products and save cost and timing. This could be enough to add more to your pockets in the long term making your company more competitive yet producing better quality.

Molds design serviecs

Molds design according to customer drawing and specification or sample. The idea of mold design is not only come from customer, but also from the complex of mold structure, demolding to optimize mold structure, and reduce the risk and cost of the mold. Proposal of the mold structure will be given after study customer design and requirement.

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