Q.C. Measuring instrument

Ming-Li is headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, located right in the middle of the West coast. Its factory occupies 5,000 square meters, including 1 clean room / dust-free room (class 10,000). In order to provide professional services to its customers, Ming-Li invested heavily in world-class CNC machinery and plastic injection machines with take-out-robots. Each machinery in our factory has the capability to efficiently produce highly accurate and complex components. Ming-Li makes precision micro molds with 1 µm tolerance and ±0.005~±0.01 mm tolerance for micro plastic injection items. Please refer to the following photos and tables for details. If you have any questions or comments, you are very welcome to contact us.
Ming-Li Q.C. Department Equipment Date Sheet
Machine Name Brand Part No Origin
3 MM Projector MICRO VU. VERTEX320 USA
3 MM Projector HEXAGON Optiv Performance Germany
3 MM Projector Chien Wei CE-503 Taiwan
2 D Projector CHIEN WEI (CW) CW-2515 Taiwan
Roundness Machine TOKYO SEIMTUS E-MD-134A Japan
Precision Microscope VPRO MICROSOPE 0.65~45X Japan
Optics Projector NIKON V12 Japan
Tool Microscope ZEISS ZKM01-250C Germany
Tooth Measurement HOMMEL WERKE ZWG8305 Germany
3D magnifying MANTIS Visin Japan
Altimeter Mitutoyo IDF-150E Japan
Moisture balance Precisaxm60 Max 62 g d=0.001g Japan
Gauge DELTRONIC ψ0.50m/m~14.00m/m USA
Digital Altimeter TRIMOS TVA600 Switzerland
Digital Altimeter TESA M600 Switzerland
Electronic Balnace GROUP PROSPERS MatsuHaku MH-200E Taiwan
Engraves Machine SOOMA MP100 Taiwan

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