Aerospace Application

Landing Gear Hubcaps

VICTREX PEEK 450GL30 (courtesy of Crane Aerospace & Electronics)

  • Weight reduction
  • Wide temperature range of operation ( -54°C at altitude, > 200°C on braking)
  • Mechanical properties to resist repeated hard landings
  • Resistance to impacts from flying debris
  • Chemical resistance to jet fuel, hydraulic fluid, and de-icing solution
  • Resistance to ozone
  • Paintable for appearance and enhanced UV resistance

Electric Wire Bundle and Tubing Clamps

VICTREX PEEK 150GL30(courtesy of Amphenol PCD)

  • Weight reduction by a minimum of 20%
  • Part count is reduced by consolidating parts
  • Standardising on a consistent design throughout
  • VICTREX PEEK is completely non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Scalable design available in a range of sizes: 15 P-clamps, 12 Omega clamps
  • Compatible with wire bundles or tubes from 6 mm to 50 mm diameter

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